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Covina Emergency Drain Repair

It’s possible that you’ll hear a gurgling sound in the pipes or discover that the water in your toilet is bubbling and rising too quickly. It’s tempting to brush these warnings off, but doing so could cause a costly and inconvenient disaster down the road. If your drains are clogged or not working properly, it could cause serious problems for you and your family.

On a Monday morning, you can’t even have a hot shower? Have you ever had to get up in the wee hours of the morning to mop up water from the bathroom floor? The answer is no. Here are the four most typical drainage problems that can rapidly become out of hand.

Water In Your Sink That Is Not Draining

A clogged sink is generally caused by a buildup of debris. In the kitchen, the cause is typically food scraps and oil while in the bathroom, hair and soap scum are often to blame.

Since kitchen and bathroom sinks are used on a regular basis, a clog can be highly bothersome. An emergency plumber should be called if a clog cannot be removed using a plunger, or if water begins to back up into the sink.

Toilet Overflowing

Most of the time, poor toilet habits are to blame for a clogged toilet. Never flush anything besides human waste and toilet paper, including paper towels, baby wipes, or tampons.

Even if you manage to fix the problem using a plunger, the rising water level will eventually cause the toilet to overflow. Get in touch with a plumber as a way to stop any more water damage or contamination.

Rising Water While Showering

A mass of tangled hair and soap scum is a common culprit in a clogged drain in the bathroom. If a clog is too stubborn to be broken up with a plunger or plumbing snake, you might resort to using a chemical drain cleaning. The use of these caustic materials on a regular basis, however, can corrode pipes and cause other plumbing problems.

Standing water in a bathtub poses additional health dangers, despite the fact that it may appear more urgent in a shower stall. Insects, germs, and mold can quickly flourish in them after only a few hours.

You see bubbling, hear gurgling or your fixture water levels are acting weird

Since all of your home’s fixtures are connected to the sewage main, a clog in the sewer line can render your entire plumbing system inoperable. There’s also the potential for sewage to back up into other drains in your home, leading to a flooded basement. There are numerous warning signals that indicate a problem with your sewage drain line; in these cases, you should contact an emergency plumber immediately. Common symptoms include a tub that fills up with water when you flush the toilet, noisy pipes when you use other appliances that rely on running water and a bubbling toilet.

The accumulation of trash, the invasion of tree roots, or the rusting of pipes are the three main causes of backed-up sewage. Regardless, tracing the origin of the issue and fixing it without expert help is usually an uphill battle.

Rooter John; Emergency Drain Repair Covina

No matter the type or cause, a clogged drain can easily lead to a plumbing emergency. When that happens, shut off the water supply and contact a professional immediately. For an emergency plumber in the Covina area, call Rooter John today.